2018-19 Percussion Lesson Release Schedule

Hey everyone!

Practicing Musician is about having fun while learning at your own pace, so don’t feel like you have to finish every lesson, exercise, or song before the end of each month.

During the 2018-19 school year, new lessons will be released at the same pace as a year one band class curriculum.  This allows students to easily keep up with both their school studies and Practicing Musician lessons, resulting in our student’s ability to fully excel academically.

By using Practicing Musician, you will receive real time feedback on all exercises and songs from the comfort of your own home!

Print this schedule out and put it next to your computer for an easy way to remind yourself to keep at your practicing!

            -Jake Douglass, Founder of Practicing Musician

Printable Percussion Lesson Release Schedule

**After purchasing a subscription, new lessons and songs will be released on the 1st of each month by 8AM PST.

December – Rhythm 101 – You will have more fun with rhythm 101 if you take the time to learn the techniques taught in early chapters!  Rhythm 101 lessons cover fundamental rhythmic theory on the snare drum, including how to read rhythmic notation as well as play quarter notes, half notes, and whole notes and rests. Gain access to over 15 lessons as well as 20 rhythmic exercises and songs!

January – Pitch 101 and Rudiments 101 – Pitch 101 lessons cover fundamental pitch theory on the glockenspiel, including how to read pitched notation and play your first 5 pitches in the concert Bb major scale. Rudiments 101 lessons cover basic rudiment training, including single and double stroke rolls.  Gain access to over 30 lessons as well as 40 exercises and two-note songs!

February – Song Library 1 – Lessons give in depth demonstrations of songs that use the first 5 pitches you have learned on the glockenspiel. You will also gain access to snare drum scores for each song!  Gain access to 6 song demonstrations as well as over 10 songs for each instrument!

March – Pitch 102 and Rudiments 102 – Ease into the new year with fewer lessons but the same amount of fun exercises and songs to practices!  The 6 new pitch lessons will teach you how to read and play 3 new pitches in the concert Bb major scale.  The 7 new rudiments lessons will teach you about single paradiddles.  Combined, you’ll gain access to over 20 exercises and songs.

April – Scales 101 – Time to put all 8 notes together into a major scale!  All instruments will be learning how to play the concert Bb major scale.  Gain access to 10 lessons and over 20 exercises and songs!

May – Rhythm 102 – Start to gain a deeper understanding of rhythmic theory.  Gain access to 14 lessons and over 20 exercises and songs!  Some rhythmic exercises will include pitches, so make sure to carefully review the clef on your sheet music before you begin playing.

June – Song Library 2 – Combine the pitches and rhythms that you’ve learned into full songs!  Gain access to 4 song demonstrations as well as over 10 songs for both the glockenspiel and snare drum.

Summer schedule coming soon – Practicing Musician will continue to release content until all musical concepts have been taught… but as any well-established musician understands, an individual can easily dedicate their entire life to the study, appreciation, and practice of a musical instrument.

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